Gaynor Paint Inspection

Training for Industrial Painters – product selection, application, preparation, checking film thickness

Paint Inspection Ireland runs on and off site training days for industrial painters. Training can cover any areas that you are concerned about or areas that you or your staff might need some upskilling in.

We can offer training on:

  • Product selection - running through the classification of environments, official ISO specifications, etc.
  • Product application - advice on what equipment to use, tip sizes, air pressures, how best to apply the products, etc.
  • Surface preparation - what standards are required, how to achieve these standards, what checks you can make to ensure that the standards are met
  • Environmental checks - what environmental checks your painters should be making before painting on any given site
  • Check film thickness - how paint inspection companies will go about evaluating your total dry film thickness (what number of readings you can have below the specified D.F.T., what is the lowest reading that will be allowed, etc.

We can also offer practical training on spray painting techniques, stripe coats, etc. 

Technical Advice & Information



Most popular services

Monitoring painting contracts: Onsite inspection for the duration of a project
Pre-contract meetings: Approving paint specifications and agree procedures
Plant Surveys: Upgrading existing paint specifications in large facilities